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"All aspects of brand communications have an essential common element, a uniquely compelling story..." CCBC

Writing professionally for over 14 years in public relations, advertising copywriting, internet marketing, blogs, journalism and ghostwriting. I run boutique brand communications agency, christopher copywriter brand communications | CCBC. Based in the middle of Sydney, Australia's Fashion, Media, Music, Art & Design District, Surry Hills.

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We Write ads or people die!

I dearly loved this photo of a boyfriend protecting his girlfriend during those riots when it came out…

(via worldfam0us)

This is really lovely and beautiful. Please watch it and of course, prosper and enjoy!  Dove Real Beauty Sketches (by doveunitedstates) It’s also the best performing viral video this month - Dove Real Beauty Sketches. 54,000,000 hits during the past 30 days.


Javier Torices painting  the sea 

christopher copywriter's thoughts are with Japan and everybody effected by the current problems there.

Check out what’s really happening around the world! For the latest videos from Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Iran, and Egypt visit Just like standing in the middle of a revolution. ** WARNING ** Some images me be disturbing for some viewers.

Just cruizin’ round checkin’ out bums.. I like this concept, it has loads of scope and potential for other things.. It’s fun and informative..

J Walter Thompson’s (JWT) predictions for 2011… Discussing the major directions in company product branding and consumer desires and trends in the “Electronic Age.” Interestingly enough, it indicates a swing to major brands in taking responsibility for consumers habits.

Advice for Young Creatives in Sydney, Australia.

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